Wednesday, April 11, 2012

last weekend ....

1. Lots of cleaning was done. Duncan was too scared of the broom to be outside, but too concerned with his sticks to go very far.
2. Relaxing after a long Saturday of housework.
3. Ripped my favorite jeans = THE WORST.

4. Part of our errand day was spent at Target. After I finished picking out our bedding, this is how I found C.
5. Our new bedding. I posted this pic to my instagram and received this comment "You got a stupid bed." True, if stupid means awesome! (??)
6. Close up of the patterns I selected. I'm pretty pleased with the combo!

7. Duncan and I shared the "trunk" of the car on the way to the Nature Center for an Easter hike.
8. Need I explain? ;)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Another one is quickly approaching!

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