Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm Pinning!

Okay, so I finally gave in to Pinterest. So addicting! For example, I just went to the site to copy the address for the link and found myself scrollling and scrollling and scrolllling. I cannot help it. It took me a while to get in to, as do a lot of trends. I see some trends and just think that I will wait for it to pass, like when everyone started wearing gauchos. Then I probably wore them a year longer than I should have.

I thought I would wait and see if Pinterest was just a fad. Then I had a lovely wine, cheese and chocolate dinner with a dear, Pinterest-loving friend where I expressed my concerns about Pinterest. What if you want to rename a board and you can't?? What if you want to move an image from one board to another... and you CAN'T?? What if I can't get the "Pin It" icon on my toolbar?? Well, guess what. You can and I did. Everything worked out (it always does, doesn't it?) One flight of wine was enough to make me let go of these seriously troubling issues and just. join. already. So I did. Here. I'm going to try to get a link up here soon. (I'm not terribly tech-savvy, but you may notice that I did figure out how to make my posts wider! Small Large Victory!)

Here are some favorite things that I found only through Pinterest:

and lots and lots of promising recipes, for example, Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala

Happy Pinning to you!


  1. oooh if i was in cincinnati, i would have made you start pinning MONTHS ago! i'm obsessed!

  2. Hi Allison!! Thank you for sharing my recipes!! So glad you like them!! Total games changers, both of them!! Love your site, btw!!


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