Tuesday, October 5, 2010

changing seasons

Fall is here! And it actually feels like it! I'm so excited for this season. I love the comfort of good soups and stews, cuddling under blankets, hot seasonal drinks, and yes, even football! Duncan LOVED leaves when he was just a brand new puppy and hasn't yet seen the autumn leaves, so I'm excited to see if he likes jumping around in piles (wait, doesn't someone have to rake for their to be piles?) ... jumping around in the scattered leaves.
Everything is coming along swimmingly with the renovation. The drywall is just being finished, and we have ordered a couch that will be ready on time! So glad we won't have a new finished family room without furniture. Our current obstacle is our pendant lighting. After we fell in love with and selected the fixtures, we were told that they were discontinued. One of our friends and former neighbor now works in lighting. Cross your fingers that he can get them for us!
image: Annie Schlechter

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