Wednesday, September 29, 2010

blue baby bash

I hosted a baby shower for one of my best friends earlier on this month. Actually, it was the Saturday before we started demo. (Genius timing, I know.) It was a great time and all of the details came together as planned. This usually happens when you are a completely obsessive planner. Because many people are out-of-town, we had a group of about 8, which was perfect for the house in its then-state. I was able to have a sit-down lunch and everyone had a place to sit. I forgot to take photographs of the invitation, so I'll do that ... when I have a new camera ... and our house is in order enough for me to set the invitation down .... Our dining table:
The bar-top:
I completely forgot to take a photo of the banner I designed with his name, "Evan Andrew" BUT, wait! There's evidence. You see that string in the upper left of the above photo? Yup, there it hung!
The game and favor table:
The most important part, THE FOOD: What? You thought it was the mom-to-be? You silly, silly person. (I kid, I kid. Holly, I love you!)
You're probably looking at this thinking, "only greek salad and cupcakes?!?" That's right ... Those and the vodka slush created the most hopped-up baby shower EVER. Really, we did have a couple entrees, but suffice it to say, I am NO food photographer.
Anywayy, here's some other details:

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