Wednesday, October 13, 2010

my how things change : reno : week 4

Why not skip from week one straight to week four? We're currently in week FIVE, people. It's not total laziness. My camera broke, as you might recall. My super-lovely boyfriend gave me a new one, so now I can share some pics. I'll give you a bit of an update on all aspects. From weeks two to four: They did a lot of work on the plumbing and electric, which doesn't make things look too different, as you can imagine. Then they started and completed the drywall process, which, as you can imagine, DOES make things look much different.
And then they painted the kitchen - yay! This goes to say that we did select all of our paint colors. I'm pretty pleased with the green we selected for the kitchen. It's Valspar's Betsy Ross House Moss (6005-3C)
Mmhmm, drink it in...
Lately I've been (and have been trying to) take some deep breaths and notice the huge differences that have already been made. Opening up the french doors to let in some fresh air and sunshine has been so wonderful. The flow from the house to the deck is so much more natural.
We also selected and purchased a new couch and chair from Macy's "Elliot Collection." 
We ordered it in advance, all worried that they were going to want to deliver when it still looks like some sort of semi-organized tornado came through. They said, no, no we won't and now it turns out that its on back order anyway. You like?
They'll begin tiling the basement tomorrow. Chris selected a darker green for the majority of the basement and we picked the two browns on the right for the basement bathroom.
Anyway, things are going just swimmingly. We've dubbed Duncan the Foreman of the Job. He thought he'd better check in with you, and who am I to say no?
images: moi and Macy's

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