Tuesday, September 21, 2010

picky, picky

Well. If you ever decide to renovate, know that your house and belongings may retaliate via retirement. So many things are breaking, in not so great timing. Our current running is one 50" television, our vacuum cleaner, our lawn mower, Duncan's bed and a fan (both through the fault of the pup, himself), and, most recently, my digital camera. Yes, we might have new floors, but no, we can't vacuum them. Do they have some sort of "poor timing, you poor thing" appliance discount at HH Gregg? Didn't know you were invited to a pity party, did you? I bring this up because yesterday we took home seven paint samples and did a little evaluating. I would LOVE to hear everyone's opinion, but have no way to show you a photo! Harumph! I'll be picking up five MORE samples tomorrow to test them out.
I'm trying to remind myself that its good to go bold! I originally wanted to do a deep, steel blue-gray in the dining and family rooms, with green accents and a corresponding green in the kitchen to tie it together. We haven't yet found a green that is accepted by both parties (wink, wink)
If we end up green-less, I think we will do this: still paint the walls in the dining room and family room that wonderful (but still pending - yikes) steel gray-blue, with the ceiling a lighter gray shade. Then, we will paint the kitchen the gray that we selected for the ceiling.
But right now, our kitchen is rather colorless. We will have dark brown (almost black) cabinetry, black (with some brown) counter tops, a white backsplash and brown, gray and white flooring. Do we need to spice it up?
Or would a nice light gray paint complete the package in a sleek and sophisticated way?
I've been trying to tell myself that IT IS OKAY if we choose a color that we decide we can't live with. We've been very sure about all other decisions and it would surely be more expensive if we decided that we don't like that nice granite counter after all!
Nonetheless, someone else IS painting for us this round, so what paint to pick? (and see why I need that camera?)

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