Friday, September 17, 2010

my how things change : reno : week one

I seriously can't believe how quickly things change in a house (when you have a team of professionals coming in from 8-5 every day.) Actually, in a house, as well as with a dog. In our house Duncan is always some sort of goose. Chris and I are only occasionally some type of goose. Yes, I know this is weird. No, I don't know how we came upon this. Anyway, at the beginning of the week, Duncan was the sleepy-goose and the good boy. Hm, we never call him a good goose. Currently, as in while I am typing, Duncan is the whiny-goose, which then makes him the annoying-goose. With all these people in and out of the house, I think he is contemplating surrendering his title as "House Protector" (sometimes I call him the Pocket Protector.) He really doesn't deserve half of his lame nicknames; however, WHINY-GOOSE IS WELL DESERVED RIGHT NOW. Here he is, adorably feeling defeated:
Okay. Done with Love Fest Number One, my love of Duncan. Now for Love Fest Number Two, my love of how quickly and how much the house is changing AND how exciting all of the possibilities are. A display of the week's progress, and do remember, THIS DOESN'T EVEN INCLUDE TODAY. Hooray! (I'm basically a poet; if you didn't know it.)
View one, in a progression:
And view number two:
This week they knocked out lots of walls and built the necessary support, ripped up the flooring, framed and added the french doors and the bar top and began the basement. (Among many other things that my non-contractor mind isn't privy to.) Can't wait to show you all of the progress! I'm keeping the very beginning photos for the before-after reveal. Have a wonderful weekend!

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