Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the curse of the best frenemy

Somewhere around the beginning of our final obedience class at beginner level, Duncan decided that he simply did not want any extra awards. No sir, he did not want "Most Improved" or even to allow us the opportunity to be "Best Handler." He was perfectly content with "Perfect Attendance" (8/8: what a feat!) and "Rescue Dog." (No, he can't rescue you. We rescued him.) Anyway, I believe the the exact point that he decided to throw it all out the window was when he spotted a look-alike (not hard in the dog world) of his best frenemy, George. I like to imagine he was rather confused about why George's impostor did not want to play. Er, I mean, try to beat living daylights out of each other. Maybe he was trying to remind him of how much fun they have together. Oh, yes! That's it! That's why he started growling, barking and, then finally, trying to bite this poor, unsuspecting woman's dog during a routine "sit, stay, by me (don't ask)" exercise! I'm surprised we he still got our his diploma and "passed go" onto Intermediate! THEN WE WENT TO THE GROCERY STORE TO RETURN THE ICE CREAM WE'D BOUGHT THE DAY BEFORE. Does that ever happen?? Obviously, that's another story entirely. Vacation seems so far, far away...

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