Wednesday, September 8, 2010

AVIA hotel = love

Hello all of you, lovelies. We're back! Truth be told, we've been back since Saturday evening. I guess I should say "'I'm back!" Anyway, I'll start with a swoon-fest over the Avia Hotel. Have you ever been? There's only four, one of them being in Savannah. And Oh. My. Goodness. I am OBSESSED. I seriously loved this hotel and everything about it. The service was truly exceptional, the modern design totally suited my taste and everything was so comfortable! I think comfort can be overlooked and isn't always something you realize until you are actually UNcomfortable, but wow. This place was awesome. I had the best nights sleep in the plush bed. The pillows were so fluffy and comfortable. The bar stools, the restaurant chairs, the pool loungers. Awesome. I highly recommend visiting if you ever find yourself in the vicinity of their hotels. I do not highly recommend going to such a rockin' hotel, THEN going to another awesome city, but staying in a not-so-rockin' hotel. Do the best one last! Check it out...
Our room was like this one:
(Yes, the food was really as good as it looks!)
Go ahead, book a room. (And no, I don't get commission. Maybe I should ask.)
images: AVIA

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