Friday, September 10, 2010

vacation recap

I hope everyone has had a great week. Its absolutely gorgeous here. To wrap it up, here is a photo play-by-play of vacation (which already seems so long ago!)
I absolutely loved the AVIA, which I think I made clear. One room that they don't share on their website (how dare they!) Is the lobby restroom. I decided everyone just needs to see it and, in extreme tourist fashion, took some photos. Gorgeous, no? No, no, not the photography, the bathroom!
Chocolate covered caramel apples galore! I LOVE them. If you know one thing about me, know this. Okay, if you know ten things about me, know this.
The view from our room at the AVIA
This is one of the only pics of the two of us in Savannah and I cannot remember where it was! A basement bar maybe? I blame the plastic cup in front of me.
We took lots more of us in Charleston, like this one, where Chris kept saying that we should move away from the yellow power line. I had already set the camera timer up on a windowsill next to some animal droppings for this and wasn't about to try again. (sick)
And this... on our way to dinner at Sermets Corner. Delicious! We loved it and absolutely recommend it.
And the standard pineapple fountain shot that I just had to have, but, oh no, my eyes are almost closed!
Let's try again! It'll be great.
Hm, it must just be too bright. And hot. So hot. I'm going to pass out! Back to the hotel room we go. We did go on a trolley tour on our first day and loved it, but again, SO HOT. I took plenty of pictures, but these are definitely the best ones.
A little wine bar was just around the corner from our hotel. Maybe our lack of photos in Savannah was because I hate asking people to take our picture. So I try this
 and then I ask someone.
All in all, it was a wonderful trip. I think Savannah might be one of my favorite cities!
The worst part of the trip was definitely leaving this
And the best part of the trip was coming back to the same good boy!
I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll be a busy bee, hosting a baby shower for one of my good friend's and getting ready for demo-day on Monday!

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  1. great pictures! i love seeing Charleston again. those pictures of you with duncan are adorable. i'm glad you guys had a great time! good luck with the shower!


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