Thursday, August 26, 2010

see you in September!

Hello everyone! I hope you have enjoyed your week. We're leaving TONIGHT for vacation. (Ahh!) That partly explains my absence! We will be going to Savannah, Georgia for about 4 days, then off to Charleston, South Carolina with a stop in Tennessee on the way home. Burglars, beware, our house will be armed with two and four-legged friends. Don't even think about it. After Duncan's display with the appraiser yesterday, I don't doubt that he might seriously try to kill you. Have a great end of August. See you in September!

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  1. Allison, after about 3-4 months of not having a chance to view your blog, I finally have some slow time and am catching up (I was on a very intense project for several months, and now waiting for a contract to get signed, so enjoying the slower pace.) Have you bought a house? It sounds like that. If so, what are the details (where, when? are you in it already?) And has there been some development in your life with the BF? Enquiring minds want to know! Anyway, always enjoy your posts and your beautiful photos. We are kindred spirits, in the sense I spend a ridiculous amount of time mulling over decorating decisions. I just finished painting (or rather, having someone paint) my guest room, which involved 3 trips to the paint store. I finally got behind the counter and staring messing with the color 'recipe' myself. But that wasn't enough -- when I got home and tried it on the wall, I still wasn't happy, so brought up a few old paint cans from the garage and started pouring in little amounts of this and that. It's kind of a dijon mustard color, with an offset that's kind of caramel in the shadow box / window area. The cool thing is it does seem to have slightly different hues based on the time of day.

    I've been trying to decide all year on new countertops and sink. Good news is that I don't NEED to do any of this, but that's also the bad news, since I keep looking and looking. I think I found something just this weekend -- new corian line from Martha Stewart that was just released at the Home Depot store on Sept 1. I'll send you the name (and maybe even send you a picture of the new bedroom).

    Anyway, wanted to let you know I enjoy your postings. BTW, you are a very good writer. Hope your vacay is/was great. Say hi to your mom and dad, and sistahs. Ellen


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