Sunday, January 17, 2010

letter writing resolution

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I'm thinking its about time I share some 2010 resolutions with you. In reality, I was waiting to move and get settled in to make any more drastic changes to my life. I don't think the inventor of the New Year's Resolution (who is that, anyway?) would be very proud, so do me a favor and just don't tell them! One goal of mine is to write a letter a week. I'm doing this to support the written word and stationery industry, and to remind my loved ones that I care and think about them. Who doesn't love receiving an unexpected card in the mail? Don't these images make you want to do the same?
I plan to use some stationery that I have and to design some personalized stationery for myself, but I am also loving these. I'll share some new designs once I have them complete!
I plan to spend my Sunday afternoon on the couch with a movie, Sunday coupons and scissors in hand. But first, I'm headed upstairs to pick out the perfect notecard!

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