Wednesday, July 25, 2012

wedding wednesday : venue & decor

Our ceremony will be held at my childhood church in my hometown and our reception will be a half-hour away at the Taft Museum of Art. It's in downtown Cincinnati and has a beautiful, tented garden area where the reception will be held. 

I really want to create an enchanting, playful, comfortable vibe and I'm thinking some strand lights will really add to the ambiance, and hopefully distract from the metal bars of the structure. I've nearly ruled out the draping, thinking that the combo of the lights and the draping is a little too ... cheesy?? for me. Cheesy might not be the right word. It can be beautiful. Just not modern enough for me.

Now I just have to decide which lights to use: twinkle (Christmas light sized) or larger bulb-sized strands, or a combo. Then, how many to use and where exactly?

Any opinions out there? I'd LOVE (love, love, love) to hear 'em!

images: of the Taft are mine, then the lights: one, two, three, four


  1. oooh i love bulb lights and twinkle lights! tough choice!

  2. I think the bulb lights are totally you. Would look more unique in night time photog shots :)


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