Friday, June 29, 2012

it's getting hot in here..

See? Proof via the iPhone

That is my fav weather app, swackett. If not for this app, I would forget my dog needs water in 101 degree weather.

Also, I meant to blog about this after Father's Day, but I forgot because I suck. The title was going to be "I accidentally got drunk on Father's Day" or maybe "I accidentally got my mom drunk on Father's Day." Either way, the point is this champagne cocktail and the fact that it's stronger than I thought and my mom and I were the only ones enjoying it.
So, anyway, I do recommend it. I omitted the vodka for my second drink and quite liked it. You could scale back or take out the vodka if you don't want to accidentally get drunk at 2pm. Or maybe you do. I won't judge. Drink it this weekend.

Finally, do somma this this weekend.
images: mine and Fresh 365

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