Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chicago Weekend

I had a very long, 5-day weekend for my cousin's wedding in Chicago last weekend. Here's a little peak:
We had brunch at The Heartland Cafe on Thursday and Friday. So pretty and unique.

I took a nice, long, windows-down, wind in your hair afternoon drive with my dad to see the areas where he grew up. Nothing like hearing stories of how your dad chipped his tooth riding a bike on a specific hill, spied on girls' slumber parties from specific woods, and went to the specific beach (above) in his youth. Cherish the memories. 

So I ordered this drink from iNG restaurant, which my family stumbled upon while looking for a pub for burgers and beer. We knew from the word "orange acrylic chairs" that we had taken a different path. This. Drink. Was good. And complicated. Pour the shot into the center on top of the ... bitter balls?? Then put the powder on your tongue and wait for it to dissolve, Then suck the lime. And then drink. I tried to get a good pic, but didn't have much success. Hopefully you can see okay!

I had the most delicious bloody mary(s) at brunch on Chris's birthday, Saturday, and experienced Lagunitas beer for the first time. Yum to both!

We took an architectural boat tour.

The wedding was absolutely the most personal and unique ceremony I've ever seen. It was held in a park overlooking the lake. I took video the whole time, so I don't have any pics of the beautiful couple.

And finally, lots of family time!

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