Wednesday, March 16, 2011

only for the rug -ged

Hey everyone! How are ya? It is so nice and sun-shiny here. I'm loving it and can't wait for our new french doors to be wide open every day! We are hoping to begin purchasing a few more items for our home soon and I'm thinking RUG! And coffee table.. but I think coffee table would be the Crossings Coffee Table: Whew, look at that decision making!
I have been obsessed with online rug shopping lately. Here is what I found that I love, but that won't work for us. They might work for you, though!

Hand Hooked Bliss Blue Gray Synthetic Rug:

Hand-hooked Bliss Off-white Floral Rug:

 Here is what I found that could work for us:

Hand-tufted Spirit New Zealand Wool Rug:

Hand-hooked Bliss Off-white Floral Rug: (in a greens, not blues)

Hand-hooked Miff Wool Rug:

And, finally, here is what I found, that are most likely the finalists:

Dash and Albert's Diamond Light Blue and Ivory Indoor/Outdoor Rug: 

We already have this rug by our back door and it cleans up beautifully! We have one small snag it in, but that isn't too bad considering the muddy, snowy shoes and paws that have been in and out. As an indoor/outdoor rug, I can just wash it off with soap and lots of water. The cons are that it is a safe bet and maybe too predictable, matchy-matchy because we already have one downstairs, and it isn't going to be very plush and comfy.
My next option is this beautiful Bogart Flat Weave Wool Rug from Garnet Hill in either Yellow or Light Blue.
I love the brightness and warmth that yellow would bring to the room, but I'm a little worried about it with our "green" couch. (Which has been described to me as more of a neutral, anyway). Here, I'll remind you:
I worry that yellow would not compliment the couch at all. But, I am going to be getting a large piece of yellow and white art that my grandma painted, which will be by our dining table. It would be so nice to tie that in. Hmm.
... and then there is the light blue version. This would probably be a good option. It wouldn't be sooo matchy with our D&A one, but would (hopefully!) add something in the same color family and would be a good mix of pattern. It would could go superbly with our couch and walls:
... or, instead of going superbly it could be like, Holy Blue, Batman! Did you just regurgitate a Smurf? Haven't you seen the other colors on that wheel?
Light Blue Rug: Also, with this rug, I could still get the Garnet Hill Yellow Ottomans. Ottoman? Ottomans? Ottomen? .. Unlike if I went for the yellow version. Either Garnet Hill version would not be so muddy-paw friendly, but might be more comfortable.
Oy vey. What'cha think? Have I thoroughly confused you? You may need a minute to escape being in my head. (... or Chris's, for that matter. What a saint.) Anyway, help a sister out! (I would never say that in real life. Scratch that. I WISH I would never say that in real life) I'd love your opinion! And if you are serious about helping, you might want to revisit my dream pillow selection. You know, with your extra time.

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