Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Graduate

After completing beginners obedience, earning "Best Handler" in intermediate and going on through advanced, Duncan is an Obedience School Graduate! Go Duncan! Go Duncan! No, no, come, Duncan! Duncan, come! .. oh, you still haven't quite figured that out? Ha! At least he's cute :)
I'm such a sucker; we're on week two of Agility Class. Channeling his inner DiCaprio, Duncan is the king of the world on the top of the A-Frame. Maybe sucker isn't the right word.. nerdy might be more fitting!


  1. Wow! Good for Duncan! Do you notice a big difference in his behavior and such? I still want to do some kind of training course for Walter. No more jumping up on people! Oh also, you look really pretty in these pictures :)

  2. Oh now I see which dog Duncan was....the handsome one! And good for you Duncan! I think I'll be taking Sam back to doggy school very soon.


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