Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday this weekend with LOTS of delicious food. I was too busy devouring it to take any pics, but for you Cinci folk, here is where I went and my top recommendations:
Friday dinner with the fam: La Poste : Mussels and Clams, Mushroom Ravioli, and Cherry & White Chocolate Bread Pudding
Saturday brunch, post-massage, with my momma and sisters: Annabel's : Scramble Du Jour
Saturday dinner: Otto's : Crostini Sampler, Iceberg Wedge, and Sea Scallops

In the midst of gorging, I stopped at a local consignment shop and gifted myself this little beauty. Not on my "shopping list," but I definitely couldn't leave it behind!

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  1. very cool! i love it. and i'm loving the little peek at what's behind!


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