Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010, by the month

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I spent the day setting up a wonderful Christmas gift, my new computer!
 ... and am so excited to be blogging from it. My old computer gave me a good 7 years, but I am so excited to be looking at this pretty new screen and moving along so FAST! What better way to do a 2010 recap?
January 2010 .. Let the cohabitation begin!
February 2010 .. I turn a quarter of a century and then the cuddliest little bundle moves in!
March 2010 .. Duncan has his first bath! We had a couple slow months in there. Cut me some slack.
May 2010 .. We join friends in Louisville for the Derby
June 2010 .. Unwelcome rodents make their appearance, planting the seed of renovation
July 2010 .. I was honored to be an attendant in my good friend, Kristy's wedding
August 2010 .. Chris and I vacation in Savannah and Charleston
September 2010 .. Two days after hosting a baby shower, kitchen renovation begins!
October 2010 .. We take a long weekend with friends in Gatlinburg
and also in October 2010, I had the honor of participating in my friends Cara and Chris's wedding
November 2010 .. We celebrate my friends, Laney and Bryan's wedding
November 2010 .. we got to spend Thanksgiving with my grandma, who was in town from Texas
December 2010 .. Duncan (and his siblings, of course) turned one on December 5
December 2010 .. we celebrate our first Christmas in the house together. Beginning new traditions and spending time with loved ones!
Looking forward to reaching milestones and creating new memories month-by-month in 2011. Happy New Year!
images: mostly me, and one from apple.com

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  1. FUN post! Duncan has gotten so big! I love the b-day pictures with his siblings :) I miss you bunches - I owe you an email!


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