Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sweet Sweet Paul

We've been lucky enough to have some wonderful lovers make us homemade soups and stews and chilis and roasts during this renovation, but I can't kick the need to cook! To chop. To mince. To smell sweet smells all coming together. I've been printing and copying and saving and drooling over so many recipes recently.
I'm craving some seasonal cinnamon-pumpkin muffins after a good soup that spent a Sunday a' simmerin' ... and then I met Sweet Paul.
Met through this wide web, of course, and I've only "met" him. I'm sure he has no idea about me. The Sweet Paul (e) Magazine is just divine. Such beautiful food images and design and the best-sounding recipes. Anyway, I think I've found IT. The one dish worthy enough of being my first homemade meal in our new kitchen, with vegetables chopped on our new counters, lit by our new pendant lamps and sitting on our new wonderful five burner stove for hours under our new hood.
Beef Bourguignon. It looks so seasonally delicious and I'm not intimidated by any of the ingredients! Coming in at a close second, third and fourth, which simply means, to be made at a later time:
You must check out the Sweet Paul mag. I'll let you know how the Bourguignon turns out!
images: Sweet Paul

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