Tuesday, November 2, 2010

my how things change : reno : week 7

I've gotten so behind on my posts that I'm even confusing myself. So, here it is: Reno, Week 7. I (clear of throat. Literally; I just cleared my throat) intended to post at the end of each week. Week seven was actually October 25-29. I'm a few days behind on this one, but, oh, week seven was an exciting one!

Our faucet is working, we moved the food to the beautiful and beautifully CLEAN new fridge, our pendant lighting was installed (four total, you can see one peeking in the top-right corner), our trim is being completed, our hardwood stairs leading to the basement look beautiful. Sighh... it's all coming together!
And. We. Are. LOVING. It. I truly do not think I could be happier. I am never going to want to leave this kitchen, which should delight Chris, really. Homemade food all the time? Sign me up! Especially after what feels like the take-out tour of Cincinnati. And, yes, my pants are indeed fiting tighter. I think it was week six that did me in.
Every time I go through the zipped-up tarp that separates this beautiful new kitchen world from our increasingly messy living space to open up that big, pristine fridge to get the Brita (yes, we opted not to get the outer fridge water spout contraption) I breathe such a sigh of relief. I am one grateful girl. How many people get to design and then utilize and live in and love their dream kitchen? Not many.

All the while this little guy is still holding down the fort.
Which, as evidenced by the shredded curling iron and dvd player cords that we came home to, can be a rather boring job. Everything seems a little too safe here, might as well add some adventure to the day!
I guess he isn't quite ready to be left out of his kennel, but does something expensive have to be ruined every time we think he is? It'll be a while before I have an answer to that question!
Coming up in week 8: backsplash and cabinet hardware! You won't want to miss it!

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  1. i think designing and renovating a kitchen is better than an engagement ring! everything looks awesome!


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