Thursday, July 29, 2010

Apron Front Sink LOVE

With the research for the new kitchen have come some obsessions. Seriously, it seems like this is ALL. I. CAN. THINK. ABOUT. One of said obsessions is the beauty of the Apron Front Sink. My heart just skipped a beat. I swear.
Don't you LOVE it? I have no idea why I am so infatuated. But, nonetheless, I am! Because our new appliances will be stainless steel, I imagine we would select a stainless steel sink as well. We did already agree on one big sink, rather than one with two compartments. I really don't see too much of a need for the separation.
We saw a HUGE one at Lowe's for just under $1,000 (a surprisingly average price.) It would look awesome, but I think we can score one for much less.
There are plenty to choose from online, which might be more of a curse than a blessing. I have no idea how to select when all of the photos look like this:
or this:

or sometimes even like this:

You get what I'm saying? I think I would have to start with "Hello, yes, do you take returns?" It will be worth it for a sink like this:

Ahhh. Have you ever purchased an apron front sink? How do you like it?

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