Thursday, February 11, 2010

super cute dog beds by Molly Mutt

Oh boy, I have been a very very bad blogger! But I have big news. We're getting a puppy :) Yay!! How exciting! Can you believe we're getting a puppy?!? Of course you can, you were probably over it four "!" ago!!!! But I'm not, and probably never will be, even into his or her old age. So get used to the dog-owner talk. Or don't, whatever suits you. Anyway, along with getting a supremely cute new puppy comes supremely cute dog supplies, of course. I remember spotting dog beds by Molly Mutt a while ago on MadeByGirl and went straight for those. They are very cost and eco-friendly and have awesome designs. They make the concept super-easy to understand. See?
And its just perfect timing. I have a lot of old clothes that are in a "donate" box that I'm sure the new pup will love to sleep on! They really have the best patterns and designs.

Aren't they wonderful? Can you guess which one I got? What? The third one down? You are so smart! This pup is gonna have some rockin' style. I'm off to drink a glass of red wine, listen to Band of Horses and read some Cesar Millan.  I will have the perfect dog, I will have the perfect dog....
images: Molly Mutt

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