Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas wrapping

One last day of work, then I'm off to spend time with my family for the holidays! I'm really excited and everything is coming together nicely. As promised, today I am going to share my approach to wrapping this year. I wanted to do something elegant, but also somewhat festive and fun. What do you think?
I printed the gifts tags on ivory cardstock and cut them out with a 3" circle punch. I used three shades (two reds and one ivory) of embroidery thread and black lace ribbon to add texture and contrast. The paper is a smooth kraft from Ikea, which I picked up a few months ago. The origami flowers are from this tutorial on Folding Trees, which was shared with me! I used a metallic ivory textweight stock for the flowers.
Happy wrapping everyone! I'm off to do a few more.

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  1. These are fabulous. I love the lace against the paper... and who knew you were such a little origami whiz?!



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