Wednesday, October 28, 2009

time trouble

A couple of mornings ago began somewhat like this: Grumble, grumble, I love bed, grumble, grumble, and everyone knows it. Quick glance towards the window. Hmm (internal dialogue speaking here) why is the window light? It is supposed to be pitch black out. Hmm. Put hoodie on. Walk downstairs. Wonder aloud why it is so bright outside. Look at the clock. What?? It's eight o'clock? How did that happen? The microwave clock must have changed itself! Wander to television. Eight-oh-one! What? All of the clocks changed themselves overnight!? Turn on the news. Eight-oh-two! What happened?? Run out the door. As it turns out, the semi-smart appliance changed the bedroom time a week before daylight savings time, giving us an extra hour before we deserved it! There was no fairy who wandered about changing all clocks. However; we could have used ... all ... of these charming clocks.
You can find this at 4 Eyes and Ears:

You can find this at dreaming of vintage:

You can find this at sadie olive:
You can find this at Spirit Lala:

*Please note, times may not be completely accurate due to general grogginess and confusion.
images: etsy

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