Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2010 calendars

Hola everybody! decor8 posted their annual calendar round-up last week, with such convenient timing! A bordering on OCD planner like myself, really prefers to have things in order and no calendar three months into the future creates a little anxiety. I'm pretty picky when it comes to my calendar selection. My day planner needs to have the months, in blocks and preferably some blank pages. It doesn't sound like such a tall order, but most planner are broken down into weekly or hourly calendars, which I just don't need. My wall calendar needs to be somewhat similar. I just need a box to write in each day. The little cd-case desk calendars and wall calendar without blocks can be super cute, but just don't work for me. Whew! So, here are my top picks, which I will hopefully choose and order this week!
Day planner calendar by Linea Carta:
Day planner by Letter C design:

Wall calendar by Jess Gonacha:

Wall calendar by Letter C design:

See how hard my choice is! My only concern with day planners in general is the bindery. Whatever I choose will definitely be put to good use! Check out decor8 for plenty more wonderful choices.

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