Tuesday, May 12, 2009

great decor ideas

So it seems that I am on a Martha kick. Can you blame me? I came across these ideas this weekend and just LOVE them.

Besides the subtleties in the first image, like that awesome nightstand and the great pop of color from the lamp, the headboard is indeed an old door. Love, love love! Imagine the possibilities given the different types of doors and all of the colors you could use. How-to is here.

Stepladder doubled as a bedside table...I love it. If you find two that are similar, you could paint them and use them as end tables in a family room.

And finally, from the short-lived (but wonderful) Blueprint magazine. They found this charming envelope at an antique mall. I love the idea of printing large-scale images and framing them as art. You could frame your wedding invitation envelope after it has been sent to you in the mail. This would be especially nice with beautiful calligraphy. You could also have family photos or stock art blown up and printed on canvas.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone. It is concert night for me!

images: Martha Stewart

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  1. i love the door as a headboard! have a great time at your concert tonight!


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