Tuesday, May 19, 2009

fantastic laundry rooms

I absolutely love finding good design in unexpected places. I obviously expected to find good design when browsing apartment therapy, but I was surprised to find a laundry room feature ... especially with rooms this gorgeous!

My favorite part of all of these photos is in the first two. I never would have thought to put a tile backsplash behind the appliances and I LOVE it. The first image has the most gorgeous bright blue and green. So colorful, yet so welcoming. The muted tile in the second image is in a word, pretty.

LOVING all of these laundry rooms. I appreciate the stark white, clean look, yet I really love the excitement that color brings to the rooms. In my eyes, the first room takes the cake! Happy laundering, everyone.

images: apartment therapy


  1. i love the green paint and blue tile on that first picture. the fourth picture looks like such a fancy laundry room!

  2. I love that I am practically guaranteed a comment from you :)


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