Wednesday, October 19, 2011

witchy woman

... but not this Halloween! While my witch dress is my backup plan, all the stars are aligning this year and my lifelong dream of being Snow White is finally coming true (what? it's normal!) After seeing a Snow White makeup tutorial on Classy Cosmetics (love her, by the way!), I chatted away to my coworker, who happens to have access to a Snow White costume up for borrowing! Yahoooo! Stars. Aligned. If that didn't fall into my lap, I would've gone with my old witch dress and these awesome eyes.

I thought it might be fun, more for you than for me. For me, more embarrassing, but full disclosure here, folks. So. I thought it might be fun for you to see my past Halloweens. I don't have pics from all of them, unfortunately and nothing is extremely creative, but I do love the holiday and decking out like somebody else!

2010: Hamburger and Hamburglar

2009: Fred and Wilma

2008: Witch
... and Flapper

2006: Fairy*

2005: The original witch

So that's all I have! I've also recently been a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Cher (or some other non-specific '70s gal.) What are you planning to be this year? I need to find a Halloween themed app. If I find some good options, I'll share!

*OMG. Have I never mentioned this? In 2006 I dated Ryan Gosling from October 30-November 1. It was great.

Images: Lover of Makeup, and me

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