Tuesday, July 12, 2011

outdoor improvements

We've been working a lot on improving the interior of our home, but every time I saw the outside, it was a little sad.

It was pretty devoid of color and needed a little pick-me up. I painted the front door and mailbox, and added some potted and hanging flowers. It made such a big difference!
I have a pretty black thumb, so for now, all of my planting will be in pots. Less damage done if I'm a neglectful gardener! I couldn't decide whether to also paint the storm door blue.
What do you think? I also have some herbs on the back porch. I painted the stand yellow and the pots blue last summer. The blue wore off, which I actually love. Nice and worn.
Thanks to my momma who spent an evening helping me! We still have much to do, but obvious changes like paint make a huge difference!

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