Thursday, April 28, 2011

now vs. not

Things I loved recently at HomeGoods and whether or not I bought them:
Not in my home:
Not in my home:
Not in my home:
Not in my home:
Not in my home:
NOW in my home!
You thought this whole thing was one big sham didn't you? No, no, my friends, I did buy ONE of those lamps. I thought I could put my lovely birthday lamp
Reminder, this is birthday lamp:
So, I thought that could go on the other side of the couch, but it really just wasn't working. The first lamp is much too large and in charge. Even though I bought it a few weeks ago, a little sister birdie told me that the other is still there. I may try to swipe that up tomorrow. It seems a little silly given that I don't have an end table for it, but when at HomeGoods, seize the goods! Even if you're putting the cart before the horse.

Okay, signing out, as I've reached my corny phrase quota for the day.

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  1. Love that lamp! Yes, go get the other one!
    AK xo


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