Monday, April 4, 2011

i got it from my mama

I love family heirlooms and think they can truly complete a space. To me, a look layered with pieces rich with tradition and history make a house a home. When my grandmother passed, I inherited a few lovely items. As you can see (and might remember,) her absolute favorite color was yellow! It adds such sun-shiney happiness to our blue living area.

The pottery here belonged to her, the art is a gift from my talented mother to Chris.

I feel very lucky to have received one particular piece of art that she painted. I am so loving it in our home.

Feeling inspired by the family influence, I've begun to do a little bit of painting myself.
It doesn't quite work in our current space. It looks so measly in contrast to my grandma's gorgeous 4'x5.5' painting.

I'd love to make two large pieces, similar to this one, to flank our couch.. And replace the coffee table, add some end tables and new bookshelves. It's a process, people, it's a process.
In closing, isn't this exactly what had in mind with his "I got it from my mama" lyrics? I think, yes. ..and if the girl real pretty, 9 times out of 10, she pretty like her mama.... Anyway, I don't compare to the two women who precede me, but I'm having fun playing around with it!


  1. LOVE the yellow lamp and big beautiful painting!!!

  2. i think you are honoring the women in our family well!


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