Monday, January 24, 2011

no more mono - bedroom pillows

I've got pillows on the mind.. like, spice up my room, add some color and pattern comfortable soft necessities. I'm thinking about a couple rooms in particular, our bedroom and the living room. Let's start with the bedroom. It has been largely a monochromatic color scheme, and I'm looking to add a little somethin-somethin. Right now, we have this bed,
light-medium gray-blue (nothing like being noncommital) walls, this comforter from Crate & Barrel, and, rather than, Merimekko overload, we have paired it with dusty blue sheets.
That's pretty much as far as we go in the color spectrum. I love our table lamps, which have a distorted clear glass base and solid white shade. So, here this is where I start thinking about these pillows from CB2
Love them! I'm a little worried that it could be horribly wrong, but.. I love them! So there's that, and the fact that they're on sale for $10 each... and I'm thinking they'll add a needed modern touch ... and, if nothing else matters, orange and blue are totally BFFs on the complimentary color wheel.
So, if you give a girl new pillows, she's going to want new curtains...we know how that goes. If the pillows are the perfection I'm hoping for, I'd add some orange curtains.
From Urban Outfitters, these are my first pick. Unfortunately, they've received some bad reviews, one in particular stating that this color is more of a peach. How much do you trust reviews?
From Target, but I fear they may be a little too dark. I'd much prefer to see them in person. What do you think?

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