Wednesday, August 11, 2010

on what to sit?

I've had a lot of things swirling around in my head lately. (And more viciously after having to tackle Duncan to the ground yesterday at obedience school just to get him to LAY DOWN. Seriously. Did any of you spend your Tuesday evening sweating in a room full of dogs and humans with a 50-50 ratio, laying on top of your 55 pound lab mix? You win, only if you have a 55+ pound lab mix. Yes, meltdown immediately followed.) Anyway, among the more pleasant things, I have been thinking about furniture. Yes, maybe jumping the gun, as we are currently mulling over countertop options, but I'm 50% planner, 50% overthinker. Lately, I've been overthinking the idea of barstools. I've found a few that I really like, but I'm worried about their comfort level, particularly because these would be ordered online. I'm drawn to the kinzie barstools from CB2.
I love the smart and sleek stools from Wisteria because the oak would very nicely compliment our bar, which will be in the same room. It would definitely tie in the look.
What do you think? Do we need to go with a barstool that has a back? I don't want our view from the kitchen to dining room (and vice versa) to be blocked, which makes the acrylic option, the vapor barstool from CB2, very appealing. It would still allow for plenty of light to pass through.
The above photo features two of the three options, the far left one is the kinzie barstool and next to it is the vapor barstool.
images: CB2, Wisteria


  1. I love the first ones! Go with those.

  2. duncan is 55 pounds already!? he's grown so much!

  3. Katie, yes, and 55 pounds is a lot to lay on!
    Gina, I love number one too! I'm worried about having too many types of wood.


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