Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kitchen Reno: thinking, part 1

So I mentioned yesterday that we are thinking about renovating our kitchen, and really the entire downstairs area. Let me tell you, IT IS INTIMIDATING! Not only choosing the aesthetic and functional items that we both like, but knowing what we can do, what we can't do, what we should do and want we shant (sha'n't?, shall not) do. The rhyme doesn't really play out when you don't have the proper word!
We have a good, BASIC idea of what we want, but we're not 100% on what is actually possible: Can we put french doors in here? Can we please knock down this wall? What if we relocate the basement door? You know, your basic everyday quandaries. That, coupled with the fact that whoever "renovated" our kitchen previously did an awful job, has made me a little nervous. I'll be honest here! I can hardly reach any of the cabinets, there is zero counter space and when loading the dishwasher you are trapped between the open dishwasher door and a wall, standing in a little tiny triangle. I don't want to make any stupid kitchen remodel mistakes! I want it to be the bomb-diggity, culinary-style. We're going to have some experts come out pretty soon - wish us luck!

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