Thursday, March 11, 2010

chandelier obsession

I have been completely OBSESSED with chandeliers lately. You might remember this post, from which I am certain I will attempt to diy the first paper chandelier:
...and it doesn't stop there. Of course it doesn't! There are two more in particular that I am dying to make.
Don't you just LOVE? Ahhh. I do! I have an old chandelier in the basement, to which I will give a shiny new life as soon as I muster up the courage, which takes the final tally to FOUR! Four chandeliers that I want to make. I don't necessarily have a spot in mind for each one, but what room doesn't look better with a chandelier? If you still aren't convinced, check out these beauties.
Nice, don't you think? Not to mention the artwork in the final image. Wow.

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