Monday, January 4, 2010

I loved, I lost, I made spaghetti

Hello dear readers! Have you missed me? It seems that I decided to take a holiday break without even sharing that with you! Luckily, it looks like many other bloggers also took breaks. Boy, did it feel good! I rarely checked my email and generally unplugged. I spent Christmas with my family and we then went to Texas for a bit. I caught an unpleasant cold along the way (and have my germ-sharing suspects), but still haven't been able to shake it. I plan to share a lot of the lovely gifts that I received (or gave), but this might not happen until well into January. With most of my belongings in boxes for my move, some will have to wait until they are opened and are comfortable in their new environment :) One gift that I received was "I loved, I lost, I made spaghetti." I LOVED, loved, loved this book. I read it completely on my trip to Texas. The author recounts her love life and shares the recipes that she made along the way. I can't wait to get in the kitchen! Happy 2010, everyone!

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