Friday, November 13, 2009

the weekend is here!

Happy Friday *the 13th* everyone! I'm not necessarily superstitious, but I do take some (odd) pleasure in days like this. I am really excited for this weekend. Tonight I am going with the bf and my parents to one of my favorite local pubs for dinner, then to a basketball game. And tomorrow one of my friends and I are going on a "local boutique-shopping extravaganza!" I am absolutely, as much as possible, going to be buying all of my Christmas gifts at local retailers. Remember this post about the 350 project? Read it, love it and WORSHIP it. Okay, okay, just read it, love it, practice it and spread the word! I love knocking out all of my shopping in one successful day just as much as the next gal. But more than that, I love my job and all of the little shops that make my neighborhood and city "home." I have seen more and more shops closing and have to do anything that might be in my power to help! As a friendly reminder...

Go out there and find some local treasures! And now, for some Friday prettiness. I have recently rediscovered the work of Annie Schlechter and, how glad you are going to be!

Gorgeous, no? I hope everyone has a really awesome weekend!

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