Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gatlinburg trip

As promised, here are some highlights from my trip to Gatlinburg. The cabin we stayed in was so lovely. Just the right size, with everything we needed, which, of course, includes a hot tub and shuffleboard.

I absolutely LOVED the above table! My favorite part of the trip had to be a portion of Friday. We went hiking and climbed the Chimneys. After a mild half-hour anxiety attack, I climbed all the way to the top! I overcame the "I'm going to fall on these smooth and enticing rocks, all the way to my very untimely death, and then WHO would write my blog??" grabbed on, and went for it.

Hmm. It doesn't even seem that high up from these photos. But I promise, 4,800 feet was quite the feat (ha!) for someone who can't actually handle sitting in the upper deck at any sort of sporting event. (I will, then also, fall to my death, tumbling on all of these cheering maniacs on the way down!) I'm working on it! See?

Anyway, it was really gorgeous. After arriving safely on the ground and spending some time in downtown Gatlinburg, we went back to the cabin. While sitting by the fireplace, wrapped in a blanket, bloody mary in hand and homemade chicken tortilla soup in the crock pot, I thought that the culmination of these events must be my favorite part of this trip. Then we saw a bear.


  1. this looks like such a great trip! i want to go to this cabin!

  2. this is so poetic and i love all these pictures. i thought you were a designer, when did you become a writer and photographer?

    ...and yes, i am looking at this blog over 1 month too late. don't mind me, i'm just playing a little catchup!



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