Friday, September 25, 2009

fondue Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone! Can you believe October begins next week? The summer is truly gone and the only part of me that is sad about it is my untanned skin. Wearing slippers again and cuddling up under blankets seems pretty ideal! Now I just need to figure out a rockin' Halloween costume! I am pretty excited for this weekend. The boy and I are going to a fondue restaurant for dinner tonight. Tomorrow I am going to explore some shops I haven't been in a while, as well as some I've never been to, namely Ikea (gasp!) I am quite excited about it and hope you enjoy your weekend, as well!

image: flickr


  1. Hi Allison,
    Just a small note to say, we just loved your blog! It is so pretty and that just reflects your taste. Keep up the good work because now you have two more people added to your list of regular visitors :-)
    - Ankit and Pooja

  2. Thank you very much! I really appreciate the feedback and hope you keep coming back for more!


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