Thursday, June 18, 2009

Coastal Living

Ok, so yesterday evening I was browsing the bookstore. Which, by the way, was wonderful and I highly recommend taking a free hour to do so. While browsing, I stumbled across Coastal Living and seriously could not love it any more than I do. I have seen some photos from the mag on other blogs, but it is just so much better in print! Yes, this is coming from a fellow blogger and electronic file-pusher. I sat there drooling over the pages, hemming and hawing (I've never used that phrase before; how'd I do?) over whether or not to purchase it. I opted to pocket my $11 for one issue to save for, say, 10 issues for $10. Problem solved. Now on to the next one.. I love magazines, recipes, how-tos and good design. I just don't want to toss any more to the recycling bin, but also don't have room for them. Any helpful hints? Alright, and my last and final problem is that little pull in my heart when I think about living on the coast..

Enjoy the images!

images: coastal living


  1. maybe a coastal themed room would satisfy your pull to move! :)

    also, when my magazines build up to the point where i can not store them, i rip out my favorite articles, photos, quotes, etc and keep them in an accordion file folder. I love doing that because it's like my own little reference library!

  2. i love this style! but you really can only pull it off when you live on the coast, huh?

  3. Thanks, Kelly! I did that with my really old ones, so I might need to again!

    and Katie, I think you can pull it off any place you want to! I will help you do it.


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