Monday, May 4, 2009

Maryland trip

Hello, everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I certainly did! I stayed true to my word and shopped locally. I went to two (new to me) local shops and three (new to me) local restaurants/bars. Also, my new Martha Stewart Living arrived just in time for a Saturday night in. Now, back to it...

As promised, I finally have some photographs of my Baltimore trip to share. I realized that I haven't ever included photos of myself, so the top one is my friends and me on a dragon paddle boat ride. Yes, that is a green dragon we were riding on. There were so many great shops and restaurants; I loved Baltimore. All of the following photographs were from a military ship tour on the harbor. We went on two WWII ships (USCGC Taney and Lightship Chesapeake), the USS Torsk (a submarine) and the USS Constellation. Most of the photographs are from the USS Constellation, a Civil War ship.

I fell in love with the packaging on this can of apples; behind it is a can of Maine lobster. The colors are excellent and the pattern along the border is so appealing. I also loved the typography on the arms chest below.

The above photograph is part of the captian's living quarters on the Constellation. I would truly put that cabinet in my home today. The woodworking and all of the china were so impressive. I could not believe how much of this I would purchase today. Okay, okay; I realize that these things have been restored; however I appreciate the style of the Civil War era.

I thought these final three images, which are not from the Constellation, had a wonderfully graphic appeal.

Have a great beginning of May!


  1. oooh i love the last picture! that should be framed!

  2. thanks Katie. How nice! I do have one that says "full" as well if you want them :)


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