Tuesday, April 14, 2009

fun at 1154 Lill Studio

Last week I was reminded of this wonderful company! If you are in Chicago, Boston, Kansas City or Philadelphia, you are probably already familiar with 1154 Lill Studio. If you're not already familiar, you're in for a treat. Lill has an array of ready-made bags, but their specialty is custom made bags. You pick the style and the fabrics and they make the bag/purse/pillow. Wonderful, don't you think?

I was drawn to the same fabrics every time I was designing. How great are these purses? Love, love, love!
And these pillows! So lovely. You can also host your own Lill on location party. Such a good idea.
Images: 1154 Lill Studio

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  1. Wow Allison, these purses are such a cute idea! I'm extremely tempted to design my own and order one!


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