Thursday, February 26, 2009

Corkboard How-To

My mom sent me the instructions for making the corkboard. I thought about editing the text, and reconsidered. These instruction are directly from the artist, herself! Any questions? Please ask!

How adorable is that orange card from Anthropologie? I received it as a thank you note from a friend. Too cute.

For a 16" x 20" frame (on mine, the area that the corks are on is approximately this size)

#1………..Start early and ask your wine loving friends to save their wine corks. You’ll need 100+ for this size. Only real corks will do. Not the plastic ones, even though they have great color and designs. Save those for something else.

#2………..Carefully cut the corks in half lengthwise, I use a 6.5” “Sabertooth” pull saw (available at any hardware store). I just eyeball it. Use a vise-grip (available at any hardware store) to hold onto the cork. Before I used these tools I cut my finger and had to run to the doctor and get 4 stitches and couldn’t continue the project for a couple of months! I also saved some of the corks to cut off the circular ends for the border. This was Grandma Boisseau’s idea. On mine I just cut the corks to fit.

#3……….You will need a 1/8” hardboard or ¼” plywood for the support. You can buy it to size at an art supply store or get this cut to size at a hardware store like Lowes, but double check the size so it fits into your frame. Paint it black (or whatever color you want). Use acrylic paint. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just slap it on, you won’t really see it. When dry, start arranging the corks. I like the herringbone pattern, as shown; you will need to puzzle them in as some corks are long, others short. Keep in mind that you’ll need about ¼ to 1/3” space all around for the frame. Put your frame on it to make sure it clears the edges.

#4………Using Gorilla Glue(available at any hardware store), follow the directions on the bottle (you’ll need to wet one surface) begin gluing down the corks. Very little glue is needed as it expands a lot. Weigh it down or clamp it for a few hours. If the glue has expanded too much and you see it, you can paint it with your background color using a small brush.

#5………Frame your corkboard. I find good ready-made open back frames at Hobby Lobby. Look for the sales when you can buy for 50% off. You can do it yourself using framing supplies or take it to a do-it-yourself frame shop like Frame and Save, Hobby Lobby or Michaels. When you put the hardware on to hang it on the back….do not wire it, attach the D-rings to the sides of the frame. I add them to all sides so it can be hung vertically or horizontally.

I found those cute pushpins at Staples. They come in such great colors and had matching binder clips, magnets, the works!

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