Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

Where would the statement "snow day" be without the exclamation mark? You just have to be excited about it. Today has been a wonderful combination of coffee and tea, slippers and snow boots, productivity and non-productivity ... and finally! A new post.

The picturesque rooftop view from my window:

After digging our cars out of the icy snow, we went on a walk. Everything was so pretty, dusted with (or buried in) snow. Little berries and twigs were encased in ice three times their thickness. Beautiful!

How gorgeous is the bright red of those berries against the dark twigs and white snow? (Are they berries?? Looks like it to me)

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  1. Allie Cat,
    wow, you have a real talent for photography. I'm so impressed. I love that photo of the snow from the rooftops. I have to remember to check your blog any of my other nieces have such things I need to know about??
    Love you bunches of berrys!!

    Auntie Mad


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